The Department of Youth council of the Valldemossa is responsible for supporting the full range of needs of young people in our town, and influence in all areas of life that directly affect their quality of life, following the guidelines set out the comprehensive law on youth of the Balearic Islands.

The Youth Council develops its own actions in the field of promotion for young people, such as support to youth associations, promoting the participation of young people in Valldemossa, the creation and management of facilities for youth (youth space , manor of youth, youth information points), the development of activities and youth-initiated proposals, promote youth promotion programs, manage youth information services.

It also has the task of coordinating and leading the rest of municipal policies aimed at young people of Valldemossa in the fields of health, education, sports, mobility, civil rights, transportation, housing, etc.

Currently the Youth Council of the City of Valldemossa, with the help of a youth motivator is responsible for organizing and developing leisure activities and entertainment for the youth sector of Valldemossa. This activity takes place on Friday and Saturday afternoons, among the 17 h. and 20 h. at the Municipal Library in Valldemossa.



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