Local Development

In this section we list the activities carried out in local development within the Tourism Destination Brand for Valldemossa and the Local Agenda 21 program.


Creating brand plan for the town of Valldemossa. Active employment policy development and tourism promotion.

General Objectives

Creating tourism brand and corporate image. Economic and tourist promotion. Quality Plan. Local development policies, employment status, training and advisory work and business.

Enhancing competitiveness of the municipality to promote wealth creation and employment, and maintain the quality of life and social cohesion from the perspective of sustainable development. Promote local development from the use of human, social, institutional and territorial.

The drive for sustainable economic activity within the municipality, developing a whole series of actions to encourage the creation of new initiatives, under-utilized resource exploration and promotion of lines of work within the framework of environmental improvement.

The momentum of the participatory process started with the setting mark of the local agenda 21. The search for funding. Communication and innovation in different areas of the local economy.

Specific objectives:

Encourage the creation of local employment pact as an instrument for more and better engagement through concerted and coordinated action of integrated actions to improve the training and qualification of the workforce.

Encourage public participation processes through scheduled performances in the process of el'Agenda local21.

Establish some guidelines that promote employment-generating new experiences and participation of all actors in the socio-economic process of the municipality. Enhance the town's economy and productive diversity.

Promote the development of human resources, promoting and different initiatives and programs to improve labor market conditions. Promote the development of initiatives for the establishment of processes for environmental improvement in the economic activities of the municipality.

Development of territorial diagnosis and strategic work plan, analysis and monitoring of local socio-economic realities and advice to entrepreneurs for business start-ups.

Developing the set of complementary actions to improve social cohesion and the promotion of the productive economy of the municipality.

Support training projects as a tool for integration and improvement of qualification and promotion at work and collaborate on the inclusion of people who have attended these courses.

Promote multiculturalism and coexistence between cultures, through actions aimed at transforming the causes of the difficult socio-professional integration of these groups.

Collaboration with agencies and institutions seeking grants funding and management of projects and initiatives.

Target groups

  • Unemployed / jobseekers in general

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business holders

  • Women 

  • Young 

  • Persons with disabilities 

  • Immigrants

  • Groups at risk of exclusion from the labor market

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